Salaries and taxes, job boards, communities, market research, and reports in one click!

The Ultimate Employer Guide

 The powerful data kit for Recruiters, HR, Hiring managers, Agencies, or Startup CEOs.

  • Worldwide Salaries & Taxes Database
  • Specialized Guides (Hiring in [Location])
  • Global Job Posting Sources & Channels
  • Global Communities Database
  • AI Tools & DOCs Templates 
  • Reports & Insights
  • Personal Support
  • and more...

 Say Goodbye to Expensive Salary Surveys: Get 50+ Locations and Thousands of Positions in One Box at 90% Less Cost!

Use Cases

What's Inside

  • 1

    The Ultimate Employer Guide

    The powerful kit for recruiters, HR, Hiring managers, or startup CEOs.

    • Specialized Guides
    • Worldwide Salaries & Taxes Database
    • Global Job Posting Sources
    • Global Communities Database
    • Salaries and Taxes Database
    • Tools & Templates
    • Reports
    • Personal Support

    Save over 1000 hours! Boost your work speed x10! Work less, get more done!

  • 2

    Global Salaries

     Discover salary expectations for technical specialists, salespeople, marketers, and more across the globe. 

  • 3


     Target the right platforms across 78 countries. Whether you are hiring in new locations or want to improve the efficiency of your current ones, get a list of the most effective resources for posting your vacancies and finding relevant candidates 

  • 4

    Industry Insights & Reports

     Stay at the forefront of industry shifts with our continuously updated compilation of cutting-edge reports. From real-time market trends to groundbreaking research, this collection is designed for decision-makers eager to make informed, timely choices. Equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate the ever-evolving global landscape with confidence. 

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  • 5


     A huge database with taxes from 77 countries and separately in different US states. Corporate, employee, and self-employed taxes. Useful links to tax resources? CALCULATORS and payroll branches in different locations. All in one place 

    Taxes main
  • 6


     Find the right community with a description in 2 clicks. Select a location, language, specialization, or platform (FB, LinkedIn, Slack, Discord, Telegram, WeChat). No more time wasted searching! 

  • 7


    • Recruitment Guides by locations (Latin America, Brazil, Mexico, Philippines, India, Poland, etc.)
    • Recruitment Guides by roles (Hiring Microsoft Dynamics Developers Worldwide, Hiring Blockchain Developers, etc.)
  • 8


    A huge database of tools categorized with descriptions of their functionality, AI tools, chatGpt and BingChat prompts, calculators and templates for evaluating the effectiveness of hiring and other processes, templates for letters, offers, and more.

    Bonus: List of free courses and webinars.

  • 9

    and MORE....

    •  Docs & Templates 
    • Blockchain Recruiting
    • Top messengers and websites by country
    • Unlimited Support
  • Why just not use Google for search?

    The Ultimate Employer Guide offers much more than a simple Google search. It features exclusive insights from local professional communities, making it a comprehensive and practical tool for hiring managers. This guide offers the latest information that cannot be found on generic online sources.


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      138 unique communities worldwide
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      Free Courses Directory
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What People Say

  •  "I love the fact that I can request specific information if it's not in the guide. It's like having a tailored service. The responsiveness and comprehensiveness of this guide are unparalleled." 

    Maria J., Hiring Manager
  • "Networking is key in my role. The Global Communities Database opened doors to a plethora of connections I didn't know I needed. It's transformed my professional journey."

    Kate D., HR Specialist
  •  "I've attended countless webinars, but this guide? It's unparalleled. Everything's in one place, and it's always updated. No more endless searches and time wasting for me. Guys, you should charge more for this guide, I'm serious, but if you raise the price, it's good that I already have access )"

    Mark E., Freelance recruiter
  •  "In the startup world, every second counts. The Ultimate Employer Guide saved us more than timeβ€”it provided clarity in our hiring strategies. The monthly updates keep me ahead in this fast-paced ecosystem." 

    Isaac C., Startup CEO
  •  "As someone constantly on the lookout for tech talents, the Specialized Recruitment Guides are a goldmine. They've made hiring from regions like the Philippines and LATAM so much smoother! The guide is definitely more profitable and useful than the webinars we bought before getting the necessary information" 

    Julia B., Head of recruitment@ UA Recruitment Agency
  • "The Ultimate Employer Guide boosted our hiring. The Global Job Posting Sources have been especially valuable, allowing us to find the best platforms in every country we operate in. Thank you!" 

    Vic M., HR at Outsourcing Solutions
  • "Being ahead of the curve is crucial in my role. With the Worldwide Salaries & Taxes Database, I've got a constant pulse on global compensation trends. It's like having an ace up my sleeve!))" 

    Ann D., HRBP @NDA

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